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What the heck is a funnel?

I started discovering it with the same statement, like what “the heck is a funnel”

So, Funnel is something that looks like a funnel and tells you the drop-off in different stages.

As a UX designer, designing for minimizing the funnel drop-offs is one important activity.

Anudeep Ayyagari

As you can see from the funnel structure many people start visiting websites but some finish the purchase.

You may have also faced the same thing that how you begin to start shopping and ended up buying nothing.

At every stage, there are some drop-offs

Here UX designers shine :)

The designer has to design the page in a way that fewer people drop-off

Here the design doesn’t mean the visual design of the page

It also includes

- how information is organized

- how relevant is the info to users

- etc

Anudeep Ayyagari

For the challenge I choose Flipkart :)

Home page of Flipkart


  • Showing users the deal of the day and also forcing/informing the user to decide fast because few hours left.

3,4,5 or the whole carousel

  • Showing full of discounts, offers, using funny graphics so user can stay more.

6 or the whole category section

  • Categories are shown with Visuals as well as Written. If I want to search mobile I can easily see that and click on it.

Let’s click on mobile


  • Filters are shown in the front


  • Logos are used instead of names (In my case I can easily find brands)


  • shop now is repetitive, maybe change that to mobile phone names. You may have alt text already but still : )

Let's buy iPhone


  • Without opening another whole page to look up the images, it shows the image directly on hovering.


  • It’s assured so I am assured, Details are front and center If I want to buy I will further proceed.


  • We want the best from the best, so we can also compare (but that can tend to be a dropoff)

I don’t have enough money to buy an iPhone :(





Developer by Degree | Designer by Passion

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Developer by Degree | Designer by Passion

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