How to change the font is VS Code

Search for the font you want or go to Google fonts

I want Noto Sans JP font. So, I searched for it and clicked on the first one.

Click on Download family on the top right

Extract the downloaded file.

Either your fonts are inside Folder -> fonts -> ttf or Directly inside the Folder

Here, the fonts are directly inside the Folder, select the file with type OpenType font file

Search Control panel

Click on large icons on the top right

Click On Fonts

This type of page will open up

Copy all your fonts from the extracted folder

Paste them on the fonts page

Open VSCode and Go to file -> preferences -> settings

Search for Font Family

My editor before adding font

My Editor after adding font

You have to add ‘Noto Sans JP’ or the font you want at the start and then add a comma(,) after it. Save the file Restart the IDE, If you want to add the font and it doesn’t work, ping me on Twitter I will try to help you asap!




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