Typography | Tips | Task

When we talk about typography we need to make sure the text is readable.

Tips for better typography

1. Check your contrast

  • by visually looking
  • Figma plugin Stark

2. Optimize Text Line Length (Paragraphs)

  • Text line length should not be too long, it’s harder to read on screens.
  • count the character in the line and adjust accordingly
  • Recommended range is 70 to 80, never go over 90
  • Figma plugin Text Counts

3. Adjust Line Height

  • Line height is the spacing b/w two adjacent base lines
Two adjacent base lines
  • As line height increase it becomes easy to read the text.
  • Good range is 120% to 180%, optimal 140% to 180%
  • 16 is 100%, if you want 120% you can do 16*1.2

4. Readable Font Sizes

  • 16px is good enough for body texts.
  • Larger headings should be used according to devices
  • Scale them when switching

Task was to design the about page




Developer by Degree | Designer by Passion

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Developer by Degree | Designer by Passion

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